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Uni-Girl Commission

Image of Uni-Girl Commission

I'm now taking orders for the custom sports pin-up commissions...and here's some handy-dandy info to get you on your way!

My standard rate for doing the single-figure sports commissions is $250...for that price you'll get both the original hand drawn art (size 11" x 14" or thereabouts) , plus a couple fancy color prints of the image with all the logos, uniform details, etc. in there. Keep in mind that it's a totally one of a kind item, and that you can be specific with details such as likeness, number for the jersey, and other fun stuff like that.

As far as how she'll look... It in no way has to be based on a real person...but if it is, few photos would help, as well as a few words of description, just so's I get everything right. As a cursory glance around my site will tell you, I'm not exactly a portrait painter, so what I go for with the drawings is a "cartoon" version of the me, you'll dig it!

(and of course, your options are not limited to wives and girlfriends...couples, kids, entire families...As you'll see in the examples provided, I'm happy to talk with you about any and all commission ideas. Prices vary by project, so hit me with your ideas!)

I'll do a quick sketch and send it to you, just to make sure you're okay with the pose and all that, and then get working on the final. It usually takes about 4-6 weeks to complete a commission, but if you're trying to hit a specific date, let me know, and I'll make sure it gets to you on time!

If you dig the commissions, but are unsure of which team your giftee would prefer, there's always the possibility of a Uni-Girl Gift Certificate! I'll send you a fancy, personalized certificate enclosed in a full-color card, which can then be redeemed at any time for an illustration of the recipient's choosing!

So, that's my schpiel. If you are interested, or if you have any additional questions before getting started, please contact me via my email address, rob at robullman dot com, and we can discuss schedules and such! I truly look forward to working with you!